I started designing jewelry fifteen years ago but really I was born into it and saw the history of jewels in my parents’ shop on Madison Avenue.

Dad hung-out at Park Bernet auction house (which later became Sothebys) right across the street from de Sedle’s at 574 Madison Ave. He was an archeologist and went on many digs for pre-Columbian gold in South America and Egypt. His thirst for antiquities was unquenchable. Mostly he collected small objects: intaglios, netsuke, ancient barter, pre-Columbian gold figures, deco enamel and diamond cigarette cases, not to mention Chinese medicine bottles carved out of precious and semi precious stones, and carved honey or red amber, and a collection of magical masks from all over the world.

I remember as a child staring in wonder up at the showcases that lined the walls of our house. (When the store ran out of room for Daddy’s collections, the artworks came home). Needless to say this early visual overload gave me an eye for color and design. So when I set out into jewelry-land I knew exactly where I was going. I wanted my gold to feel like pre-Columbian gold. I wanted to use every color stone imaginable; rainbow moonstones, aqua, tourmalines, citrines, and cabochons because of their soft feel. In the past five years I have drifted into the world of Opals. I am dazzled by Australian Black, and Crystal Opals. I also Love Mexican Fire opals.

All of nature inspires my jewelry: fish, birds, and sunsets at the beach. I try to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. It is important to remember that precious stones come from the depths of the earth and positive energy radiates though us when we wear these jewels. The mystical properties of stones and their magic never cease to amaze me. Onward!
(see Darlene's parents in front of their shop in 1929)